Power to the Publico

While I was out enjoying a bit of mid-day, mid-week Christmas shopping, ahhh the joys of a freelancer, I happened upon a little gem of a taqueria.
This concrete clad little taco shack is located in the heart of the busy Trader Joes/Bed Bath and Beyond shopping compound. You're basically dining in a giant garage.
While not traditional in its offerings or locale, Publico proved itself beyond reproof. I ordered one veggie taco and one grilled chicken taco. Both were a great balance of beans, toppings and spice - which was handy given the fact that the hot sauce on offer there is of the atomic habanero variety.
Aguas frescas and tortas are among other options rounding out the often rotating menu. The prices are very reasonable for a non-Mission pit-stop and they enhance the rather austere ambiance with a few nice eco-touches; biodegradable cutlery, recycled napkins, potted palms.
If you'd prefer not to break your holiday shopping stride, Publico makes the grade.
Publico Urban Taqueria
555 9th St
(between Bryant St & Brannan St)
San Francisco, CA 94103