Discovery Dining - San Francisco Restaurant Week Kicks Off - Jan 21-29

Restrictive resolutions render you ravenous for new fine dining experiences? It's time to swap that barbell for a fork laden with gourmet goodies. Say auf wiedersehen to austerity measures during San Francisco Restaurant Week - January 21-29. With 125 restaurants serving up countless culinary variations, a cornucopia of tasty temptations awaits. The icing on the cake? You can indulge guilt free knowing that a portion of proceeds will benefit the Marin Food Bank.

Here's the Skinny:
This year during Restaurant Week, diners can choose from:
$25 two-course Lunch Menu
$40 three-course Dinner Menu
And new this year: $85 “Discovery” (tasting) Menu
“Discovery” menus will only be available at select restaurants and include food and beverage pairings that are designed to inspire restaurants’ creativity and delight diners. Look for menus with special themes or that highlight a chef’s vivid imagination.
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